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About Framewave

Derived from the AMD Performance Library, Framewave is a free and open-source collection of popular image and signal processing routines designed to accelerate application development, debugging, multi-threading and optimization on x86-class processor platforms.

Framewave revolutionizes the way silicon manufacturers deliver performance and optimization tools to software developers. Sponsored by AMD, the open-source Framewave project offers developers unparalleled, code-level access to a vast array of arithmetic, signal- and image-processing functions and routines.

For Contributors

Although sponsored by AMD, the Framewave project is very much an open-source venture. While AMD will continue to participate in and contribute to the project, third-party developers are welcome and encouraged to implement all or part of the code base and/or to create derivative works.

In addition, the Framewave Group has established sensible guidelines and processes to grant key contributors with ‘commit’ privileges. For more information, please email the project administrator.


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