Basic Concepts

This chapter provides an overview of the information contained in the functional descriptions.

Base library functional descriptions include the following types of information.

Data Structures

Base and other libraries function definitions use the following data structures.

FwLibraryVersion   Library version information.
FwRoundMode   Rounding mode used in data type conversion.
FwWinType   Type of window used to generate FIR filter coefficients.


Base and other libraries function definitions use the following enumerators.

FwBool   Type of Boolean values.
FwCmpOp   Type of comparison operation.
FwCpuType   Type of CPU with presence of streaming SIMD extensions.
FwHintAlgorithm   Hint to favor speed or accuracy.

Parameter Glossary

Base library function definitions use the following parameters.

StsCode   Specifies the status code used by the FwStatus function.
alignBytes   Specifies the number of bytes for alignment, must be a power of 2. NULL is returned if the value is less than 2.
cpu   Specifies a CPU type.
length   Specifies a number of bytes to be allocated.
numThr   Specifies the maximum number of threads that can be used by any Framewave function.
param   Specifies some parameter.
ptr   Pointer to a memory buffer.
workFn   Specifies work function.