Arithmetic and Logic Functions

This chapter describes general-purpose mathematic functions and functions that perform specific mathematic operations related to image processing.

Note: All the arithmetic and logic functions support negative step sizes. Negative step sizes can be used to "flip" data copied from a source buffer to a destination buffer. This is a common requirement when displaying a BMP image. To flip an image horizontally, call the copy function with pSrc pointing to the last row of the source buffer, a negative srcStep, pDst pointing to the start of the destination buffer, and a positive dstStep.

This chapter contains the following function definitions.

|Abs| |AbsDiff| |AbsDiffC| |Add| |AddC| |AddProduct| |AddSquare| |AddWeighted| |Div| |DivC| |Exp| |Ln| |Mul| |MulC| |MulScale| |MulCScale| |Sqr| |Sqrt| |Sub| |SubC| |And| |AndC| |Comp| |Not| |Or| |OrC| |LShiftC| |RShiftC| |Xor| |XorC|