Threshold and Compare Functions

This chapter describes functions that compare image data and manipulate image data based on compare operations.

Note: All the threshold and compare functions support negative step sizes. Negative step sizes can be used to "flip" data copied from a source buffer to a destination buffer. This is a common requirement when displaying a BMP image. To flip an image horizontally, call the copy function with pSrc pointing to the last row of the source buffer, a negative srcStep, pDst pointing to the start of the destination buffer, and a positive dstStep.

This chapter contains the following function definitions.

|Threshold| |Threshold_GT| |Threshold_LT| |Threshold_Val| |Threshold_GTVal| |Threshold_LTVal| |Threshold_LTValGTVal| |Compare| |CompareC| |CompareEqualEps| |CompareEqualEpsC|