Get resizing fraction


FwStatus   fwiGetResizeFract ( FwiSize srcSizeFwiRect srcRoidouble xFactordouble yFactordouble* xFrdouble* yFrint interpolation );


interpolation   Specifies the method of interpolation.
srcRoi   Source image ROI.
srcSize   Source image size.
xFactor   Factor value for X axis direction.
xFr   Inverse factor value for X axis direction.
yFactor   Factor value for Y axis direction .
yFr   Inverse factor value for Y axis direction .


This function calculates the inverses of x and y scaling factors and checks whether parameters are correctly defined. It is typically used with the ResizeShift functions.

The following interpolation modes are available.

 FWI_INTER_NN: nearest neighbor interpolation
 FWI_INTER_LINEAR: linear interpolation
 FWI_INTER_CUBIC: cubic interpolation
 FWI_INTER_LANCZOS: interpolation with Lanczos window function