Get shear boundary


FwStatus   fwiGetShearBound ( FwiRect srcRoidouble bound[2][2]double xSheardouble ySheardouble xShiftdouble yShift );


bound[2][2]   Boundary rectangle vertex coordinates for a transformed source ROI.
srcRoi   Source image ROI.
xShear   Shear value for X axis in Shear transformation.
xShift   Shift value for X axis direction.
yShear   Shear value for Y axis in Shear transformation.
yShift   Shift value for Y axis direction.


This function is used with the GetShearQuad function. It computes the boundaries of the source ROI for the shear functions.

Bound[0] contains the top right x and y coordinates

Bound[1] contains the bottom left x and y coordinates