Decode data block

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FwStatus   fwiDecodeHuffman8x8_JPEG_1u16s_C1 ( const Fw8u * pSrcint srcLenBytesint * pSrcCurrPosFw16s * pDstFw16s * pLastDCint * pMarkerconst FwiDecodeHuffmanSpec * pDcTableconst FwiDecodeHuffmanSpec * pAcTableFwiDecodeHuffmanState * pDecHuffState );


pAcTable   Pointer to the Huffman AC coefficient table.
pDcTable   Pointer to the Huffman DC coefficient table.
pDecHuffState   Pointer to the FwiDecodeHuffmanState structure.
pDst   Pointer to a location in a destination buffer.
pLastDC   Pointer to the last DC coefficient, which is in the previous 8X8 block.
pMarker   Pointer to the JPEG marker position.
pSrc   Pointer to a location in a source buffer.
pSrcCurrPos   Pointer to the shift value at the current source buffer in bytes.
srcLenBytes   Source buffer length in bytes.


This function decodes an 8X8 data block of Huffman-encoded quantized DCT coefficients.

The decoding process follows CCITT Rec. T.81, Annex F.2.2.

When the function detects a JPEG marker, it stops decoding and writes the marker to the location specified by pMarker.