Xor with constant

Supported Technologies

MT, SSE2, Family10h


FwStatus   fwsXorC_8u ( const Fw8u * pSrcFw8u valFw8u * pDstint len );
FwStatus   fwsXorC_16u ( const Fw16u * pSrcFw16u valFw16u * pDstint len );
FwStatus   fwsXorC_32u ( const Fw32u * pSrcFw32u valFw32u * pDstint len );
FwStatus   fwsXorC_8u_I ( Fw8u valFw8u * pSrcDstint len );
FwStatus   fwsXorC_16u_I ( Fw16u valFw16u * pSrcDstint len );
FwStatus   fwsXorC_32u_I ( Fw32u valFw32u * pSrcDstint len );


len   Specifies the number of elements in a buffer.
pDst   Pointer to a destination buffer.
pSrc   Pointer to a source buffer.
pSrcDst   Pointer to a buffer that is both the source and destination.
val   Specified value.


These functions step through vector elements in a source buffer and perform a bitwise logical XOR of the source data and a specified constant.

The results can be written to a destination buffer or written back to the source buffer.