Compare to a threshold value, replace with a specified value (Greater Than)

Supported Technologies

MT, SSE2, Family10h


FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_16s ( const Fw16s * pSrcFw16s * pDstint lenFw16s levelFw16s value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_32f ( const Fw32f * pSrcFw32f * pDstint lenFw32f levelFw32f value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_64f ( const Fw64f * pSrcFw64f * pDstint lenFw64f levelFw64f value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_16sc ( const Fw16sc * pSrcFw16sc * pDstint lenFw16s levelFw16sc value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_32fc ( const Fw32fc * pSrcFw32fc * pDstint lenFw32f levelFw32fc value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_64fc ( const Fw64fc * pSrcFw64fc * pDstint lenFw64f levelFw64fc value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_16s_I ( Fw16s * pSrcDstint lenFw16s levelFw16s value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_32f_I ( Fw32f * pSrcDstint lenFw32f levelFw32f value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_64f_I ( Fw64f * pSrcDstint lenFw64f levelFw64f value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_16sc_I ( Fw16sc * pSrcDstint lenFw16s levelFw16sc value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_32fc_I ( Fw32fc * pSrcDstint lenFw32f levelFw32fc value );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GTVal_64fc_I ( Fw64fc * pSrcDstint lenFw64f levelFw64fc value );


len   Specifies the number of elements in a buffer.
level   Specifies a threshold level.
pDst   Pointer to a destination buffer.
pSrc   Pointer to a source buffer.
pSrcDst   Pointer to a buffer that is both the source and destination.
value   Specified value.


These functions step through vector elements in a source buffer and compare source data to a specified threshold value.

When the source data is greater than the threshold value, the function writes a specified value.

When the source data is less than or equal to the threshold value, the function writes the value of the source data.

Output data can be written to a destination buffer or back to the source buffer for in-place operation.

The following evaluation formulas are used.

        |value,  pSrc[n] > level|
For fwThreshold_GTVal:  pDst[n] = |pSrc[n], pSrc[n] <= level |   |
        |   |

        | value,  abs(pSrc[n]) > level|
For complex variant:  pDst[n] = |pSrc[n], pSrc[n] <= level |         |
        |         |