Compare to a threshold value (Greater Than)

Supported Technologies

MT, SSE2, Family10h


FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_16s ( const Fw16s * pSrcFw16s * pDstint lenFw16s level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_32s ( const Fw32s * pSrcFw32s * pDstint lenFw32s level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_32f ( const Fw32f * pSrcFw32f * pDstint lenFw32f level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_64f ( const Fw64f * pSrcFw64f * pDstint lenFw64f level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_32fc ( const Fw32fc * pSrcFw32fc * pDstint lenFw32f level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_64fc ( const Fw64fc * pSrcFw64fc * pDstint lenFw64f level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_16sc ( const Fw16sc * pSrcFw16sc * pDstint lenFw16s level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_16s_I ( Fw16s * pSrcDstint lenFw16s level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_32s_I ( Fw32s * pSrcDstint lenFw32s level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_32f_I ( Fw32f * pSrcDstint lenFw32f level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_64f_I ( Fw64f * pSrcDstint lenFw64f level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_32fc_I ( Fw32fc * pSrcDstint lenFw32f level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_64fc_I ( Fw64fc * pSrcDstint lenFw64f level );
FwStatus   fwsThreshold_GT_16sc_I ( Fw16sc * pSrcDstint lenFw16s level );


len   Specifies the number of elements in a buffer.
level   Specifies a threshold level.
pDst   Pointer to a destination buffer.
pSrc   Pointer to a source buffer.
pSrcDst   Pointer to a buffer that is both the source and destination.


These functions step through vector elements in a source buffer and compare source data to a specified threshold value.

When the source data is greater than the threshold value, the function writes the threshold value.

When the source data is less than or equal to the threshold value, the function writes the value of the source data.

Output data can be written to a destination buffer or back to the source buffer for in-place operation.

The following evaluation formulas are used.

      |level, pSrc[n] > level   |
For fwThreshold_LT: pDst[n] = |pSrc[n], pSrc[n] <= level|
      |       |

       |(pSrc[n] * level)/ abs(pSrc[n], abs(pSrc[n]) > level|
For complex variant:  pDst[n] = |pSrc[n], pSrc[n] <= level    |
       |       |