Inverse tangent (four quadrant)

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FwStatus   fwsAtan2_32f_A11 ( const Fw32f * pSrc1const Fw32f * pSrc2Fw32f * pDstint len );
FwStatus   fwsAtan2_32f_A21 ( const Fw32f * pSrc1const Fw32f * pSrc2Fw32f * pDstint len );
FwStatus   fwsAtan2_32f_A24 ( const Fw32f * pSrc1const Fw32f * pSrc2Fw32f * pDstint len );
FwStatus   fwsAtan2_64f_A50 ( const Fw64f * pSrc1const Fw64f * pSrc2Fw64f * pDstint len );
FwStatus   fwsAtan2_64f_A53 ( const Fw64f * pSrc1const Fw64f * pSrc2Fw64f * pDstint len );


len   Specifies the number of elements in a buffer.
pDst   Pointer to a destination buffer.
pSrc1   Pointer to source buffer one.
pSrc2   Pointer to source buffer two.


These functions step through vector elements in two input buffers, calculate the inverse tangent of the y and x buffer elements, and write the results to a destination buffer.

Buffer 1 contains y values and buffer 2 contains x values.

The operation of this function is similar to calculating the arctangent of y/x, except that the signs of both arguments determine the quadrant of the result.

Results are in the range (-pi, pi).