Allocates memory aligned to 32-byte boundary.


Fw8u*   fwsMalloc_8u ( int len );
Fw16u*   fwsMalloc_16u ( int len );
Fw32u*   fwsMalloc_32u ( int len );
Fw8s*   fwsMalloc_8s ( int len );
Fw16s*   fwsMalloc_16s ( int len );
Fw32s*   fwsMalloc_32s ( int len );
Fw64s*   fwsMalloc_64s ( int len );
Fw32f*   fwsMalloc_32f ( int len );
Fw64f*   fwsMalloc_64f ( int len );
Fw16sc*   fwsMalloc_16sc ( int len );
Fw32sc*   fwsMalloc_32sc ( int len );
Fw64sc*   fwsMalloc_64sc ( int len );
Fw32fc*   fwsMalloc_32fc ( int len );
Fw64fc*   fwsMalloc_64fc ( int len );


len   Specifies the number of elements in a buffer.


Allocates memory block aligned to a 32-byte boundary for elements of different data types.

The return value of fwsMalloc is a pointer to an aligned memory block. If no memory is available in the system, then the NULL value is returned.

To free this block, use the function fwsFree.