Decode ExpGolomb code

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FwStatus   fwiDecodeExpGolombOne_H264_1u16s ( Fw32u ** ppBitStreamFw32s * pBitOffsetFw16s * pDstFw8u isSigned );


isSigned   Flag that indicates whether an output value must be decoded as signed.
pBitOffset   Pointer to a bit position within the byte that ppBitStream points to. Valid within the range 0 to 7. The pointer is updated after motion vector decoding.
pDst   Pointer to a location in a destination buffer, a location in a destination array or to a destination result.
ppBitStream   Double pointer to the current position in the bit stream.


This function decodes a block of MPEG-4/AVC video syntax elements in Exp-Golumb format located in a bitstream. The result is written to a destination buffer.