Predict motion of luma block intra-frame


FwStatus   fwiPredictIntra_4x4_H264_8u_C1IR ( Fw8u * pSrcDstFw32s srcDstStepFwIntra4x4PredMode_H264 predModeFw32s availability );


availability   Flag that indicates availability of the samples used for prediction.
pSrcDst   Pointer to the start of the block.
predMode   Specifies the prediction mode of the Intra_4x4 prediction process for luma samples.
srcDstStep   Source and destination buffer step size in bytes (width of both buffers in bytes).


This function performs intra-frame motion prediction by comparing a 4X4 luma block to previously-encoded neighboring 4X4 luma blocks within the same frame. Results are written back to the source location. Comparison is done in accordance with JVTG050, using one of the following prediction modes specified by parameter predMode.

 Name of Constant  Prediction Mode   JVTG050 Reference
   FW_4x4_VERT        Intra_4x4_Vertical
   FW_4x4_HOR        Intra_4x4_Horizontal
   FW_4x4_DC        Intra_4x4_D
   FW_4x4_DIAG_DL       Intra_4x4_Diagonal_Down_Left
   FW_4x4_DIAG_DR       Intra_4x4_Diagonal_Down_Right
   FW_4x4_VR        Intra_4x4_Vertical_Right
   FW_4x4_HD        Intra_4x4_Horizontal_Down
   FW_4x4_VL        Intra_4x4_Vertical_Left
   FW_4x4_H        Intra_4x4_Horizontal_Up

The availability parameter is calculated as follows.


The constants FW_LEFT, FW_UPPER_LEFT, FW_UPPER, FW_UPPER_RIGHT are from FwLayoutFlag.

The variables B1, B2, B3, B4 take the following values.

 0 - when a block is not available for prediction
 1 - when a block is available for prediction