Reconstruct luma macroblock inter-frame

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FwStatus   fwiReconstructLumaInterMB_H264_16s8u_C1R ( Fw16s ** ppSrcCoeffFw8u * pSrcDstYPlaneconst Fw32u srcDstYStepconst Fw32u cbp4x4const Fw32s QP );


QP   Quantizer scale factor read from the bitstream.
cbp4x4   Coded block pattern. If cbp4x4 & (1<<(1+i))is not equal to 0 (0 < i < 16), i-th 4x4 AC. Luma block is not zero-filled and it exists in ppSrcCoeff.
pSrcDstYPlane   Pointer to the current macroblock that is reconstructed in current Y-plane. This macroblock must contain inter prediction samples.
ppSrcCoeff   Double pointer to the order of 4x4 blocks of residual coefficients for a macroblock, the results of Huffman decoding (2x2 DC U-block, 2x2 DC V-block, 4x4 AC U-blocks, 4x4 AC V-blocks if the block is not zero-filled). The pointer is updated by the function and points to the blocks for the next macroblock.
srcDstYStep   Y-plane step size.


This functions steps through a source Y plane buffer and reconstructs intra-frame predicted 4X4 luma macroblocks as follows.

Scales, performs an integer inverse transformation, and shifts 4X4 blocks in accordance with JVTG050 8.5.8., in the order shown in JVTG050, Figure 6-6.

Adds 16X16 inter-frame prediction blocks and 16X16 residual blocks in accordance with JVTG050, Figure 8-247.

Results are written back to the source plane buffers.