Decode Huffman one-to-one


FwStatus   fwiDecodeHuffmanOne_1u32s ( Fw32u ** ppBitStreamFw32s * pOffsetFw32s * pDstconst FwVCHuffmanSpec_32s * pDecodeTable );


pDecodeTable   Pointer to a decoding table.
pDst   Pointer to a location in a destination buffer, a location in a destination array or to a destination result.
pOffset   Pointer to the offset between the bit that ppBitStream points to and the start of the code.
ppBitStream   Double pointer to the current position in the bit stream.


This function decodes a single code from a source bitstream using a specified table, writes a single-value result to a destination buffer, and sets the bitstream pointers to new positions. The function uses the table initialized by the HuffmanTableInitAlloc function.