Decode Huffman one-to-two


FwStatus   fwiDecodeHuffmanPair_1u16s ( Fw32u ** ppBitStreamFw32s * pOffsetconst FwVCHuffmanSpec_32s * pDecodeTableFw8s * pFirstFw16s * pSecond );


pDecodeTable   Pointer to a decoding table.
pFirst   Pointer to the first destination value.
pOffset   Pointer to the offset between the bit that ppBitStream points to and the start of the code.
pSecond   Pointer to a second destination value.
ppBitStream   Double pointer to the current position in the bit stream.


This function decodes a single code from a source bitstream using a specified table, writes the two resulting values result to separate destination buffers, and sets the bitstream pointers to new positions. The function uses the table initialized by the HuffmanRunLevelInitAlloc function.