Detect edges within 16X16 block

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FwStatus   fwiEdgesDetect16x16_8u_C1R ( const Fw8u * pSrcFw32u srcStepFw8u EdgePelDifferenceFw8u EdgePelCountFw8u * pRes );


EdgePelCount   Specifies the minimum number of pairs of elements that differ by more than EdgePelDifference.
EdgePelDifference   Specifies the edge difference threshold between neighboring elements.
pRes   Pointer to a result value.
pSrc   Pointer to a block of DCT coefficients.
srcStep   Source buffer step size (width of the buffer in bytes).


This function detects edges within a 16X16 block by finding pairs of adjacent horizontal and vertical elements with a difference greater than the value specified by EdgePelDifference.

When the number of detected pairs is greater than EdgePelCount, pRes) = 1.

When the number of detected pairs is less than or equal to EdgePelCount, pRes)= 0.