Evaluate sixteen partial sums of absolute differences, 16x16 block

Supported Technologies



FwStatus   fwiSAD16x16Blocks4x4_8u16u ( const Fw8u * pSrcFw32s srcStepFw8u * pRefFw32s refStepFw16u * pDstSADFw32s mcType );


mcType   Specifies the type of prediction used for motion compensation.
pDstSAD   Pointer to a destination array of size 4 that stores SAD values.
pRef   Pointer to a prefetch buffer which contains previously decoded bits.
pSrc   Pointer to a block of DCT coefficients.
refStep   Reference block step size (width of the block in bytes).
srcStep   Source buffer step size (width of the buffer in bytes).


This function evaluates sixteen partial sums of absolute differences between a 16X16 source block divided into sixteen 4X4 blocks of elements and a 16X16 reference block divided into sixteen corresponding 4X4 blocks of elements. The sixteen results are written to a sixteen-element array pointed to by pDstSAD.